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The fish gluttonies
Half row and half cooked bass *[euro 15,00]
Sea bream Carpaccio in basil sauce *[euro 15,00]
Marinated prawns in orange sauce *[euro 25,00]
Tuna hamburger with crispy leek and wasabi *[euro 15,00]
Anchovies with stewed red onion[euro 10,00]
Roasted octopus with mozzarella cream *[euro 15,00]
Salt cod spread (baccalà mantecato) in Triestin style *[euro 12,00]
Mussels in "scottadeo" style[euro 12,00]
Home marinated salmon with apples and horseradish sauce *[euro 15,00]


Pastas and Soups
Spaghetti in "busara style" with Dublin Bay prawns *[euro 20,00]
Paccheri with clams, tuna and stracciatella cheese *[euro 18,00]
Spaghetti with mussels, cherry tomato and basil[euro 15,00]
Bean cream soup with rosemary octopus *[euro 15,00]
Orecchiette with tuna, capers and fresh tomatoes *[euro 15,00]
Paccheri with Neapolitan meat sauce[euro 12,00]
Spaghetti with garlic, oil, fresh tomatoes and chili pepper[euro 10,00]
Tagliatelle in San Daniele row ham sauce[euro 12,00]
Pumpkin gnocchi with melted butter and smoked ricotta cheese from Carnia[euro 12,00]
Soup of the day[euro 10,00]


Seabass "all’acqua pazza" *[euro 20,00]
Vegetable Cous cous with curry and grilled shrimps *[euro 20,00]
Sesame tuna slices with soy vegetables *[euro 20,00]
Butter turbot with roast potatoes *[euro 20,00]
Grilled salmon in spicy shrimp sauce[euro 20,00]
Calamari with sauce and polenta *[euro 18,00]
Anchovies, chicory, egg and beans *[euro 18,00]


Trieste-style goulash[euro 18,00]
Merlot wine braised veal cheek with potato puree[euro 18,00]
Terrano wine braised tenderloin with pan roasted potatoes[euro 20,00]
Thai-style beef tenderloin[euro 16,00]


Caprese-style chocolate cake with vanilla sauce[euro 6,00]
Yogurt and strawberry Bavarian cream[euro 6,00]
Little Chocolate cake with a soft heart inside[euro 6,00]
Chocolate mousse[euro 6,00]
Tiramisù[euro 6,00]
Mille-feuille with pastry cream[euro 6,00]


Gaudemus tasting menu
Six-courses with a wine bottle from the Gaudemus wine selection - per person[euro 60,00]


A drink with friends
Selection of typical Italian, Friulan and French cheeses with fruit mustards[euro 12,00]
Selection of typical Friulan cold-cuts[euro 12,00]

Fish intended to be eaten raw or almost raw has undergone preventative freezing treatment in accordance with the requirements of EU regulation 853/2004, Ann. III, sect. VIII, Chapter 3, Let. D, P.31.
The products marked with the asterisk are frozen o maintained by us at the temperature of -20° for 24 hours in accordance with the requirements of EU regulation 853/2004.